Facilitation: to make easy

The purpose of a facilitator is to impartially create and guide a productive meeting. People can leave a meeting feeling unsure about what was accomplished,  disconnected or unheard, frustrated.  This situation is avoidable.

As a facilitator I will:

  • Prepare with individual members of the group prior to the meeting
  • Create an agenda for the meeting
  • Keep the group focused on the topic at hand
  • Ensure that all voices are heard
  • Guild clear decision making processes that incorporate the wisdom of the whole group
  • Capture decisions made, next steps and who has committed to complete them

Results of a well facilitated meeting include:

  • Members are inspired and energized, they feel like their effort will make a difference
  • Increased energy and inspiration generate efficient, effective action
  • Decisions are implemented quickly and comprehensively
  • Methods of clear communication are demonstrated and learned
  • Trust is built within the group