Life Coaching

An individual life can be a work of art.  Yet as we move through our lives we all have reasons why we aren’t taking action towards our goals and dreams. Maybe you have a specific goal or maybe you know that your life needs to be different in some way, but how exactly?

Whether you are feeling stuck or you have a wealth of amazing choices the result can be the same: clear, organized action can be elusive.   This experience may feel subtle or may be incapacitating.  You may be paralyzed or you may want to optimize the use of your energy, either way I can help you create the life you envision for yourself.

I bring a precise, objective, nurturing perspective to your situation. As we uncover and root out the blocks that are interfering with your development we will simultaneously create an action plan that includes clear steps and timelines.

Being in action helps to dissolve internal blocks, creates momentum and gives confidence. We all have great capacity.  Let’s work together to create the life you want based on what truly brings you joy.